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Customised Fax Cover Pages & Templates

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One question we often hear from new customers about using the FaxMate online fax service is, “How do I create my fax cover sheets and add them to my outbound faxes?” The answer is: You don’t have to. FaxMate does it for you, with our pre-formatted templates for fax cover sheets.

With FaxMate, you can send faxes by email or through your eFax account online and easily include a fax cover sheet that we’ve already formatted for you.

When you select the Cover Page option in eFax Messenger®, you will have access to several different types of cover sheets, designed for faxes relating to appointment reminders, announcements and many others.

Choose from several custom templates for your fax cover sheets

If you choose the standard cover sheet, all you need to do is enter the relevant details into the preset fields — your name and number, the recipient’s name and number, a subject line, etc. — and that page will automatically be added to the front of your fax.

If you choose instead to download one of FaxMate’s other template designs, you’ll simply uncheck the “Include Cover Page” box, fill out the FaxMate template you’ve downloaded, and then include that as the first attachment in your outbound fax.

Our custom fax cover sheet templates are just one more way FaxMate makes faxing faster, easier and more cost-effective.

More fax templates for every day fax documents

FaxMate makes generating your online fax documents even simpler, with a series of pre-formatted templates for the types of faxes you might send regularly — faxes such as order confirmations, invoices, etc.

In other words, with FaxMate you’ll have access not only to pre-formatted cover sheets but also to a wide range of fax templates that can help you with your standard business processes, such as those described below.